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Gen Z psychology is refreshing. More conservative than the millennial (30 – 40 yr olds), but self-aware and self-confident. This young lot, is taking charge of their own financial future, right from high-school.

It’s their influences, video game-like attraction of everything, from food deliveries to gym memberships. This has them counting points and managing wallets from an early age. 

‘Calm down, we’ll figure it out.’ did a quick look at who the influencers in the financial space, for non B-school kids were. We did a survey with stylists, Uber drivers, and zoom yoga teachers. Looked at their Instagram feeds for ‘Finance, Motivation and Investing’ handles they follow.

New influencers start with advising on investor education. This means deconstructing financial jargon. Gen-Z influencers and life coaches re-introduce ‘you’ to ‘your money’, like any good relationship counselor. The method starts with asking you to recognise, admit and accept  your conflict and issues, before you grow into a more fruitful and fulfilled relationship. 

You are likely to encounter the following concepts – 

Get out of debt and credit card traps 

Manage your expenses 

Get a side hustle

Get your deals in – gather the points you can 

Think about compounding

Make a few smart investments

Learn about the markets

Learn about the business behind the stock price

Take calculated risks

Ride your own journey

Act. Be Aware 

These are some of our favourites that stood out – 

TAYLOR PPRICE – @PricelessStay

Taylor Price on Instagram – @pricelessstay whose mission is to democratize finance, helps you become wealthy and healthy. She’s super cool, and her ecosystem where she is  monetizing her community by redirecting personal finance coaches and signature lines of trading gear linked to an Amazon shop – is ‘good hustle’ thumbs up worthy 

Honestly by Tanmay Bhat on YouTube 

Tanmay has been using his flair for comedy to rewrite Investor education in India. He has invited experts – in casual conversation, pushing out regular basic finance content. Keeping it light and entertaining. Topics like understanding the basics of stock trading and financial markets to demystifying bitcoin.  There is good gyan, and long form course content where he speaks of what he would love to have learned and applied when he was 20. Tune in if you are 20.

He’s got another channel spinoff on Cryptocurrency too – called Super Pumped 

Fin Cocktail on Instagram 

Started by B School grads, and young finance experts, Sayali Rai and Niyati Thaker. These South Mumbai buddies, have got a relatively new gig with FinCocktail on Instagram. 

The trending reels platform to decrypt personal finance concepts. 

Topics from ‘debt’ to ‘common mistakes young people make’ on their relationship and decisions about Money. It’s entertaining, and educative and makes you want to dance along.

TheMoneySapling on Instagram 

Shhreyaa Karpoor

Shreyaa Kapur – Ex Deloitte – now freelancer and financial education vlogger. 

Using reels as simple explainers for biz jargon, Shreyaa is empowering a generation that acts on concepts. Step one is to understand those concepts.

This is the rest of the laundry list (please do you own research, and invest responsibly). 

Ping us your favorite accounts, so we can add them here. 


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