Freelance Ninjas: Start building your side hustle.

One way to become financially independent is through freelancing. With your skills, education, experience, and the right platform, you get to work for multiple clients on different assignments and make cool cash from it.

Find your niche, make connections, go out there and build a network of clients.


  1. Hold yourself accountable to the quality and timeliness of the work you deliver
  2. Build your personal brand as a service provider and get it out there
  3. Some gig’s pay less and some will pay more. Be busy. You’ll move towards the better clients with time and experience
  4. Ask for help, ask for guidance, at worst – you’ll get a ‘no’

Top freelance groups that you can join to improve your freelance experience.


LinkedIn Groups

Networking is an important part of freelancing. LinkedIn is a social platform whose users are mostly businesses and firms. This platform allows you to connect with people looking for your service as well as people who can offer you jobs. It is a great platform for freelancers to find new clients. The following are the best freelance groups on LinkedIn you can join to up your freelancing game;

Telegram Groups

The following are the top freelance telegram groups available for you to join for jobs;

  • Freelancer jobs
  • Campus
  • Best referred jobs
  • Freelancer top
  • Top freelancers
  • Remotelist
  • RemoteIT
  • Remote and freelance
  • Game Dev
Facebook groups

There are many Facebook groups and freelance communities that you can join to meet with like-minded people and find more job opportunities. The following are top Facebook groups that you Thereoin as a freelancer;

  • Remote jobs
  • Digital nomads group
  • Guavabeen freelancer group
  • Freelance incubator
  • Solo female digital nomads network
  • Freedom hackers Masterminds
  • Shelanders
  • The write life community
  • Freelance writing jobs
  • Careful cents
Reddit groups

Reddit is a community where people share and exchange valuable ideas. This platform is controlled by the users, unlike other social media platforms. A lot of Reddit freelance communities exist where you can seek advice and learn about job opportunities and how to nail them. Some of them are;

  • /r/Entrepreneur
  • /r/forhire
  • /r/jobbit
  • /r/freelance
  • /r/teamitup
  • /r/resumes
  • /r/jobs
  • /r/startups
  • /r/B2bforhire
  • /r/businesshub

Best Indian freelance groups across all social media platforms.

Across all platforms, there are groups created especially for Indian freelancers. No one better to help you sail the freelance world than a community that not only shares your passion but also your nationality. Find different Indian freelance groups on various social media platforms below;


  • Freelancers association of India
  • Media jobs daily (India)
  • Freelance event managers in India
  • FCP video editor jobs (India)
  • Creative freelancers India


  • Freelancer India


  • Freelancers India
  • VYSMO freelance community
  • CHS Hyderabady


  • /r/India
  • /r/Indian jobs
  • /r/India online

Most people see freelancing as an express train to wealth and when it does not immediately yield enough income for them, they stop. The truth is that while freelancing can help you accumulate funds and build wealth, it takes consistency, hard work, and knowledge about freelancing to make it big. You have to learn how to market yourself to a potential client and where to catch your client and make them patronize you.

The importance of joining freelance communities cannot be overemphasized as they play an important role in guiding and exposing freelancers to opportunities. If you are a beginner and you are beginning to have doubts about freelancing, be patient. It takes time and consistency to turn freelancing into a gold mine.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are a freelancer and would recommend other places or blogs, please comment in the spreadsheet.


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