So, you want to Freelance ?

A few things you should know before you begin your freelance journey

Freelancing is not always easy as it seems. Initially, freelancers make little or no money and find it difficult to get jobs. Due to all these obstacles, many give up as soon as they start. However, when you know the fundamentals of freelancing and make the right connection, you can thrive in the freelance business and make a fortune out of it. There are few things you should know before becoming a freelancer to make your freelance journey easier.

What you should know before becoming a freelancer.

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  1. Hold yourself accountable to the quality and timeliness of the work you deliver
  2. Build your personal brand as a service provider and get it out there
  3. Some gig’s pay less and some will pay more. Be busy. You’ll move towards the better clients with time and experience
  4. Ask for help, ask for guidance, at worst – you’ll get a ‘no’

You are your own boss: As a freelancer, you get to choose when to work and where to work. You can decide to work from your bed, bathroom, home office, or anywhere you find comfortable. There is however a con to this feature; Because freelancing requires a consistent supply of jobs to make more money, although you can choose to work or not, you have to be available to take on offers to make money. The main reason why most people freelance is to become financially independent and you can’t achieve that if you are slacking all the time.

There is no security: First, there is no guarantee that the customers you have worked for will keep coming to you. Because of that, you need to keep attracting new clients to patronize you to make more money. Secondly, some customers are not honest and may decide not to pay you for your service. So, unless you use secured platforms like Fiverr where the admin stands as escrows you may be cheated. Also, at the start of your freelance journey, you might be underpaid or not even paid at all. But when you become consistent in the business and gather more experience, the pay gets higher.

You can’t isolate yourself: As a beginner in freelancing, you need the aid of other experienced freelancers to determine your rate card. When you associate yourself with various freelance groups, you will be able to gather information about a freelance platform where you can get jobs and how much to charge for certain jobs. There are various freelance groups available for you to join across a wide range of social media platforms.

Go forth – keep at it, don’t quit your day job till you feel the traction, that is in the right direction. It will get better, if it’s good now.

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