BIG NAME Personalities, they did not rest !

Hustle like Jess, Malaika and Preity

It’s not easy getting famous, and staying relevant. That is even harder. These personalities have been working harder and smarter. They did reach their obvious peak of stardom, right ? Nope, just getting started. Wshdom thinks, this needs applauding and we’re enjoying the inspiration from their stories.

Everyone has to show up. “No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.” —Billie Jean King

Preity Zinta: The famous Bollywood girl with the bright dimple on her face known for hits like “Veer-Zara”, “Koi… Mil Gaya”, “Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna” among others. Yes, she is none other than our own Preity Zinta. Her smile is so bright that it can easily overshadow a sunny day in Delhi but she had more to her life than just her smile. She has been through some major life-altering accidents in her life but that did not stop her from completing her studies and while balancing her time working for her inclination towards modelling. This balanced habit of hers made her a role model for every die heart Bollywood fan. From sometimes working up to 25 hours straight during the peak of her career in Bollywood to hosting superhit Indian Television shows, her experience speaks for herself. Many actresses have faded away after their time in Bollywood but Preity Zinta is a dark horse. Besides being an actress she is known as a social activist, stage performer, and television presenter. She is an independent woman who has written several columns and articles for BBC. She has her own production company named PZNZ Media. It is said that she was fond of playing sports since childhood, especially basketball and cricket. Maybe, this was her stepping stone to being a co-owner of the Mohali-based cricket team Kings XI Punjab of the Indian Premier League ( IPL) and the owner of Stellenbosch Kings Franchise of South Africa’s Mzansi Super League. She also receives money through commercials and catalogues for product endorsements such as Liril Soap, Cadbury’s Perk chocolate, etc. She has stood up for what she said at the University of East London while receiving an honorary doctorate where she urges “women to be independent and to stand on their own feet.”

Jessica Alba: Well well well, who in the world doesn’t know Jessica Alba. This sleek-looking Hollywood actor and model has worked in multiple blockbuster films. She has even worked as a producer and these aren’t the only feathers in her hat. There is something more to her when it comes to hustling in today’s world. She has established herself as a renowned and successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. She is the co-owner of the company the Honest Company along with Christopher Gavigan which at first sold just some baby and household products but now this side hustle has grown wildly popular around the world after which it also sells consumer goods like cleaning, bath, body, beauty and baby products. According to figures from CNBC the company’s market evaluation is estimated to be more than $1.4 billion. But what led her here? How did she become so successful in her side hustle?
According to Jessica, it was always the values of self-sufficiency that her parents instilled in her since childhood and she never forgets to teach her children the same. She says that it didn’t go well for her in the beginning when she had just gathered herself to move forward with her ambitious idea, but with the right partner and the right team, anything can be made possible. Her negative experiences through her journey to set up this business has inspired her journey and now she inspires others with her journey.

Malaika Arora: From Bollywood’s “Munni Badnaam Hui” to “Anarkali Disco Chali” this bombshell has exploded every Bollywood number you can count on your fingers. Yes! This is none other than Malaika Arora. Nonetheless, to say, she is one of the fittest of all actresses in the country but did her love for fitness make her a popular entrepreneur, or was it something else? Let us know all about it.
She is of the opinion that in life you accidentally meet some new people and then realise that something good might come out of this meeting. This is how she describes her meeting with the yoga entrepreneur, Mr Sarvesh Shah, and they decided to set up a Yoga Studio which came to be popularly known as Diva Studios. Her motto behind this name is that you can feel like a diva after coming here. She mentions the fact that the journey wasn’t as easy as it seems. She says that you learn every day in your workplace, at your home, with your friends. She believes that there’s no point in living if you don’t learn something new every day. You need to accept what you love and should do it your own way. You cannot endorse something that isn’t ingrained in your own life. She is pretty clear about her choices because she does what she really loves. Encompassing her journey she says that everything just wasn’t planned for her from the beginning, but she is glad that things worked out her way. Of Course, there were people around with all the unnecessary chatter but she did not succumb to those fears. You need to follow your gut, put yourself out in front of the world, and know where you are heading.

So, how can you learn from their success?

They might have had a lot of advantages that come with being a celebrity. But, the attitude is what we’re going to take from.

Do not stop

Show up.


Go forth, explore what you want and what excites your passion. Act, Make your mistakes, Fail quickly, rinse, repeat and fix those mistakes.


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