F*@k Kanye, But Be Kanye

While you may not agree with his politics, or outlandish statements. Some questionable lyrics, some terrible experiments. Or, you love everything he creates.

1. You can’t be great without a ridiculously high BELIEF SYSTEM

I think we all can agree that Kanye truly believes in himself & the product he’s selling. From his enthusiasm to the amount of effort he puts into his projects. We witnessed a man book the Mercedes-Benz Stadium… For nearly three weeks to have fans come and listen to an unfinished album. He’s spent millions of dollars thus far to live at the stadium and put on a major production for his fans.

Massive belief is the breeding ground for greatness

⭐️ 2. Authenticity is not a second job when you embrace it

So many of people try to mask who they really are for likes, attention or fear of being called “weird.” It ends up becoming a second job and sucks the life out of you. You want to know what real authenticity looks like? Kanye walks around like this 👇🏾

Some of y’all reading this are so artistic but would never stretch your limits due to the fear of opinion. Kanye taught me that authenticity comes with accepting the fact that people will HATE you, DISRESPECT you & DISLIKE you. But their will be a group of folk that LOVES you ❤️ 

3. VIGOROUS EFFORT will always go down in history.

This is probably the most important of all tweets in this thread. You aren’t going to get very far doing the bare minimum at your job or business. More importantly, you have to stop confusing effort with expectation! The average person will only put in effort IF they are expected to receive something in return. If it’s too little of a return, they’ll match the effort to that return. It’s backwards thinking. Effort is like an investment. You may not get anything in the beginning but… It’s slowly building up in the background. And before you know it, that effort yields everything you’ve ever wanted out of life for the rest of your life. Kanye’s effort over the past 20 years has made him a great artist today. The question is – Are you going to give 20 years? 

1. Belief System
2. Authenticity
3. Vigorous Effort

I’m not telling you to agree with Kanye or be like Kanye. But, these three traits could catapult your career or business over time. If you enjoyed these cheat codes, comment 🔑 below and put them into action ASAP! 

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