Crypto Trading 101

Learning the Ropes, Don’t f*CK this up !

So, starting out on your first few Bitcoin and AltCoin trades ? We at WSHDOM recommend you soak up a few begginers strategies …

Spend your first few months learning about the fundamental concepts, and uses of Crypto.

Get an education via how-to videos on the technical patterns that these coin value move, based on sentiment and news events. The internet is full of such trading approaches. They look for breakouts and cliffs. Pay attention to volumes of trade. Watch first. Small trades first.

GET a mock account and make a small imaginary wallet, close to the real life po you’d be ready to make, and make those mock trades. This is NO RISK learning … You’ll gain in knowledge. Try Bingbon and get a free account. Start now.

Be careful of leverage trading. It’s borrowing trading without having the backed capital. STAY AWAY from this till you have more experience and untill you understand the consiquence of not getting the prediction right.

Follow some insta handles and get their recommendations, just to get familiar with the conversation jargon and get deeper into those suggestions. Get on a few telegram trading groups. Be careful of random advice, but get your feet wet.

Check out this video … Google what interests you. Don’t fuck this up.


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