The 5 Things To Remember Before You Start

We crunched learning from many self-help books, autobiographies, studied habits of many successful people into these 5 points. Write it down, put it on your desk, engrave it.

Starting a side hustle, business, or investing is the right thing to do. Before you set out to win, its important to have a winning mindset. Ups & downs, losses, losing focus are all part of the bigger game. Hacking the mindset is the most imp thing before you set out to do bigger things.


Just like working out at the gym regularly is the key, being at it through your low days is important. Any successful person has one key trait – doing it everyday.
If you are gonna do a thing, do it all the way.

Keep being consistent with yourself, don’t be a quitter and always look for ways when you get there.


Being scared or second doubting is how we’ve been programmed, this is a narrow wall to walk-on. If your belief system is based on understanding historical patterns, understanding the subject & spotting the opportunity then do not ignore the quit voice inside.

You need to have conviction about what you are doing. Do not give up too early. You need to think about your day-to-day routine and how it can impact your goal.


It’s easy to find excuses for not doing doing the inconvenient thing, the uncomfortable and hard thing, but there is a way to do it: EFFORT.

Sometimes, it’s hard to make it through the day, especially when you are just starting out. It is often a slow process with many obstacles, and this discourages newbies from continuing. However, perseverance pays.

Giving up early to the discomforts is just like doctor putting a patient to rest without attempting or learning new ways to treat.


Elon Musk is so busy running both Tesla and SpaceX that he schedules his day out into five-minute slots putting in 85-100 work hours every week.

Setting 6 hours / 5 day work rule was set for factory workers from burning out. We are not setting defined guidelines to maintain work-life balance, but it’s you to prioritise the effort and time to put in.

About Money, understand the difference between risking with YOLOing your savings vs figuring ways to pump in to make meaningful returns. Do not operate businesses, investing or trading like a lottery ticket, getting lucky happens only a few times with no definite order but being consistent will ensure you success, YOLOing all into a lottery ticket will ensure you get recked.


Decisions should involve more than just numbers or logical reasonings, be assured there will be noise around you – friends, family, peers, salaries, or temporary fillers for your ego. There might not be a right option but if you do chose or reject one do not look back to regret.

Do not allow yourself to get distracted by the little things and stay focused on the big picture.


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