Selling culture in the Blockchain era – NFT Revolution

A new twist in the cultural hustle

Selling culture has suddenly gone from being a hustle to being a revolution. NFTs are one of the most important innovations in the Blockchain era. Selling culture, in the physical world, is hard. A lot of it boils down to proximity. If you have a great art gallery in New York City, for example, your potential market is about 6 million people. With the Blockchain revolution, all that has changed. You can now sell to anyone with an internet connection. 

In 2018, the NFT industry has continued to grow and evolve. We’ve seen many new products and services in the NFT space that we believe will help bridge the gap and adopt a wider audience.

Culture is more than just an artistic expression. It is a powerful force of change.

The potential for this new form of cultural currency to empower marginalised communities and transform the way we value and create art has never been clearer. The blockchain is a very powerful technology that is able to provide many benefits such as high security transactions, immutable records, and transparency. All income generated from these sales would be stored on the blockchain and then used by the company to support initiatives that promote culture and art.


Depicting apes with various facial expressions, sold a single NFT for $2.25 Million.

NFT Represent – STEPH CURRY buying a bored ape NFT for 55 ETH($ 180k)


The experimental project started in 2017 by a 2 person Americcan Studio Larve Labs was inspired by the London punk scenes – the cyberpunk movement. 

There are only 10k unique Cryptopunks, all released free initially.

The most expensive punk sold for $11.,8 Million 


These virtual rocks serve NO PURPOSE beyond being able to be brought and sold, and giving you a strong sense of pride in being an owner of 1 of the only 100 rocks in the game


The crazy has hit big multi-nationals minting or purchasing NFTs to make a statement. Its also said CNN, NY Times, Fortune mags have sold their NFTs aswell.

Coca-Cola NFT Friendship Box
COCA COLA offered these NFTs on friendship’s day as their campaign.
Payment major VISA rides the frenzy by purchasing the Cryptopunk NFT for ETH 49.5 ($150k)

It’s important to note Cryptocurrencies are 11 years young and NFTs have been around for 4 years. It’s known that art is considered as an asset-class by the uber rich. It’s time you make your assumptions and watch and listen to the happenings in meta-verse.


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