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Money management is the typical nerd stuff you don’t want to get into, but can not do without. Just like some of the many unwanted necessities in one’s life, a systematic approach to working around money is also a necessary evil you should learn. Whether you are twenty or fifty, it is never too late to conduct your finances smoothly and without any hiccups.One of the greatest reasons people feel the dearth of money is because they don’t manage their expenses effectively.

How difficult is it to keep track of your spendings if you are well aware of the assets involved? The truth is, even when money management is an immaculately fundamental skill, it is not common in people. With this article, we will discuss the key steps that will protect you from feeling broke all the time!

  • Track your Spending
  • Recurring Charges
  • Create an Investment Strategy
  • Pay your bills on time

Track your spendings: This point is probably the most crucial method in keeping track of one’s money. As a consumer, we know there are expenses that you can not simply cut down on. Some necessities like electricity bills, phone bills, groceries, etc can not be compromised. But once you are aware of all your monthly spendings, start tracking how much you spend on them. A list of your monthly expenditure in contrast to your income can help you make a calculated decision on whether you should buy the brand-new, expensive shoes or not!

Recurring charges? Nay: Has it ever occurred to you that your weekly/monthly subscriptions might weigh enormously on the monthly budget? Once you track the spendings and review it with your account balance sheet, you are bound to identify some withdrawals that you might just not need. Cut down on these unnecessary spendings and save for the rainy days. A 700-rupee-monthly package of Netflix can be compensated with a 200 rupee package just fine!

Create an investing strategy: Investing is one of the key sources of indirect income generation. Even if your investing ability is limited, it can work wonders for those who have understood the skill of investing. There are several places you can invest your money for better returns, for example, the Stock Market, the Crypto Market, mutual funds, etc. Investing, however, comes with a prerequisite. One ought to do some noteworthy research before investing their money anywhere. Since there is an element of risk involved, some homework in the background will just be the ‘It’ factor that propels your income resources in the right direction.

Pay your bills, no matter what: Even though this is a pretty basic tip to better your money management, it is one of the most crucial ones. What is money management? It is a way for you to assign your income properly to your expenses. A bill is the most fundamental aspect of expenditure, and if you can not pay your bills on time, there is certainly something grossly wrong in your management. Also, they might just help you cut down on your spendings with the vicious ‘late fees’.

WSHdom take : Financial independence is no quick diet plan. It’s a lifestyle and habit. Small incremental changes at first will set you up nicely for a good indipendent new few years. Opportunities with risks will come your way, and you may choose to take them, for the rewards they may bring. Atleast your base, is not riddled with unpaid debt, bills or interest payments.


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