WTF is #WSH52 ?

Hint – 52 Weeks

We started earlier this year with the intent to learn and share practical investment habits and conversation with the new generation. 

The idea was simple, 

re-work, re-package and re-present 

Financial content in understandable and action-able pieces – maybe in videos, blog posts, and social conversation. This still remains at the core of our intent. 

The interaction and research we’ve done and received, over the past 6 months, has actually flipped the paradigm for us. 

This brave new world is on its path, while the ideas are still in silos. In (relatively small) groups, message boards and clans on the internet. Our writers, friends and advisors (And some of our readers) have shared so much interesting, and surprisingly simplified information that it’s now impossible to share all at once without us feeling like we’ve not given the community a chance to participate. 

Here is a platform agnostic (Across our social handles and blogs) Idea, #WSH52 ta-da ! 

While our journey continues, undisturbed, with the excellent easy to understand financial educational content…. we will now serve for this constant demand for 

actionable, real world, investable guidance (with the necessary disclaimers) 

#WSH52 will be tagged and presented every week.

Wait for it …. #WSH52 is a weekly SPOTLIGHT on – 

  • A Particular Industry Trend
  • An Equity stock or group of stocks 
  • NFT Project
  • Mutual Fund 
  • Commodity
  • Technology 

#WSH52 would feature (We are not financial advisors, Please build your own informed Journey) and explain our point of view in more depth through that week, with that chosen subject. 

The focus could be an art NFT project or a few collectives that are working on NFT’s. It would then shift to Blockchain Technologies that are up and coming. #WSH52 would profile various companies and projects through the year, with a narrow focus on one of those every week.

We’re not only going to feature crypto and blockchain, but also other industry trends where we think we should point our audience to, and they do their own research and make their informed action. That action could be an investment right now, or a bookmark for the future. We are just keen to get more of our audience to look closely and learn about the world of investment possibilities out there – We are that Weekly Side Hustle – (WSH) where you commit your attention, time and a little bit of your weekly wage to grow your financial future, and have fun with it. is not a Financial Advisor. It is, what we state it is, i.e. your own journey, do look for investment alternatives and make your own weighted decisions, if you are inspired by an industry trend or technology.  

Choosing the spotlight for Week 1, was a toss up between – The Indian Industry of Electric Mobility and FLOW coins. We choose the former because, while we have a hungry audience for Blockchain related investments and discussion, Electric Mobility seems to be more accessible to our intended audience. 

We team-meet every Thursday with 3 options – where we should focus the next week on, and are open to suggestions for nominations, as we go along. 




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