#WSH52 – 52 IDEAS – 52 WEEKS

THIS YEAR, we’re taking one thought (Actionable Insight) and dwelling on it for a whole week. This weeks spotlight is ELECTRIC MOBILITY.
We geddit ! The Central Govt is on the renewables thing. Global Trends with better batteries and technology are emerging. Local EV manufacturers are all the rage … TATA NEXON EV and Now OLA getting into the Electric scooter game, it’s churning. Enviornmentalist are skipping.

Foget the technicals and price of individual stocks for a moment. We know – as an Industry and an economy, there is bound to be a growth story. Let’s readup on, and google EV’s, batteries, Recharge Stations and Electrical Components.

What do I do next with this amazing information, Should one pick a stock ? Sure, thats one way.

Here are top EV Battery Makers – do your own research.

Or here is a SmallCase Basket of Electric Mobility. Link your broker app (ZERODHA, HDFC, ANGEL BROKING or what ever you use). Let their fund managers select the stocks. They manage the weights that make the composition of the bucket / basket. You buy into that. They are looking for growth and stocks that are less vulnurable to risk.
This is what WSHDOM means by, actionable Insight. Pre empting the next comments section heat –

“How much should I put in ?”

Take a careful look at what you are planning to do now.

On Individual Stocks – it’s more risky as it’s not diversified. Be prepared to lose that, but there could be super normal returns. Remember, the risk is Higher, when the brand name is more obscure. On a Small Case, while it’s probably still risky, no gaurantees but it’s managed (you hope). I would start with a months wage equavelent from my savings, or two weeks (Half) of that.

Blog from last year :

The Electric Mobility SmallCase :

Disclaimer : We aren’t financial advisiors, speak to your qualified advisor. We’re just sharing broad general thoughts. This is not a paid promo.

Do you have any other thoughts on getting into the Electric Mobility Action ? What Business Ideas are we missing ? Would you invest in a recharge station ? Join us on Telegram : Add your comments below.


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