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#WSH52 Spotlight

As seen in a recent study of the sharing economy, Gen Z and Millenials are driving a growth in sharing economy usage. A new generation, of digitally savvy 20 year olds, have been raised almost assured of employment by their parents. With this understanding of what type of lifestyles their peers find to be desirable, they’ve been more willing to forgo ownership and leverage the convenience and cost-efficiency that services like Airbnb, WeWork, Zoom Car & Furlenco provide. We are featuring this topic of Shared Economy for you to make an actionable move to unlock.

  1. Rent to save money
  2. Provide and participate in the trend to make additional income.
  3. Invest in stocks, companies or friends who are gaining advantages from these industries.

Check out all the videos and infographics below we’ve stumbled upon.

The video below is 1.45 hr video long, add it to your watch later. It gave us a lot to think.

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