Read these 6 Books Now, Before You Start Your Saving And Investing Journey

The savings and investment journey is not an easy one. It is a journey filled with many twists and turns. You will most certainly need the proper knowledge before you embark on such a journey. When it comes to acquiring knowledge, the image of books comes to mind. Saving and Investment are no different. Some books are written by people who have business and investment experience to help ease you into what you need for your journey. Here are 6 of these books.  

“The Millionaire Next Door,” by Thomas J. Stanley 

William D. Danko and Thomas J. Stanley co-wrote “The Millionaire Next Door” in 1998. It is a book that involves an in-depth study into the lives of over 200 millionaires. It reveals that over 91% of millionaires are self-made. Many millionaires own small businesses. Many millionaires pay attention to making financial plans. Many millionaires avoid calling attention to themselves. There is much knowledge that would help rework the mindset of someone new to the field of Savings and Investment.    

“I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” by Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi Quote I will teach you to be rich

In the book “I Will Teach You To Be Rich,” Rami Sethi also addresses the idea of mindset being key to becoming rich. The book presents a 6-week program that would help the reader take charge of his finances. The tips are handy for young people in their 20s and 30s, but anyone who wants financial security can apply them. In addition, the book advises separating your savings account from your regular account and instructs readers to look beyond money to determine what it means to live a rich life.

“But First, Save 10,” by Sarah Catherine Gutierrez

Sarah Catherine Gutierrez, the founder of Aptus Financial, offers insights into being financially free when transitioning into adulthood in her book “But First, Save 10.” In her book, she eliminates self-judgment budgeting, demystifies financial jargon, and shows how to use money to be happy and blessed in life. If you want to buck that unfulfilling job and start your dream business, this is a system that can help you achieve your personal goals. Regardless of your income level, she teaches a simple method for everyone to follow. 

“The Year Of Less,” By Cait Flanders

In “The Year of Less,” Cait documents her life for one year, during which she purchased only consumables: groceries, toiletries, gas for her car. She challenged herself in the process to consume less of many things other than shopping. Besides decluttering her apartment and getting rid of 70% of her belongings, she learned how to fix things rather than throw them away, and she gave up watching television. As she continued, she became more fulfilled with less consumption. This book helps guide those who want to live a minimalist life, and she gives examples of how she did it.

“The Financial Diet,” by Chelsea Fagan

Chelsea Fagan runs a blog, The Financial Diet. Her book was an extension of the things she had learned and communicated through her blog. He teaches the importance of spending money on something that will help you improve in life rather than spending on fashion statements. Ultimately, The Financial Diet provides a comprehensive and well-rounded introduction to money management for beginners, teaching the important things to invest in.

“Get Money,” by Kristin Wong

Get Money

Getting more money into your pocket without letting money rule your life is a topic Kristin Wong tackles in her book Get money. Besides challenges designed to boost your financial IQ, interviews with other leading financial experts, and exercises to assist you in reaching even your most ambitious goals, you will learn vital skills such as: Building a budget that works, how to hack your credit score strategically, side-hustling to speed up your money goals, starting a lazy investment portfolio and so much more. The book is easy to grasp and implement. 

These books will help define your mindset about money, saving and investing. 


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