101 Start Up Tips – Marketing to a Gen Z Audience

If the world was like a Game of Thrones universe, Gen Z would represent as many numbers as the Whitewalkers. This staggering number is a demonstration of how this generation is the biggest consumer in the world. Gen Z represents lads born within the years of 1997 – 2012. This would suggest that you are a Gen Z or maybe not. 

Anyways, startup businesses need to be direct with their marketing strategies and objectives right from the get to. Gen Z does not just represent a huge consumer base but they are also easy to connect with. You know where to find teens when they are foot deep into that smartphone they just got on their birthday.

Gen Z spends a huge amount of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc. Oh let’s not forget TikTok. Hence, you can easily unravel the traits and characteristics of your customers.

The Gen Z perspective to buying  

Gen Z grew up with the internet and social media. Naturally, they connect with businesses with a strong online presence. The age group wants to see the crisp Instagram photos first. They want to see the product ad break into their TikTok feed. Well, maybe nobody likes interrupting ads but they sure need the business personality to be just as young. 

This generation wants to be wooed into buying with blog posts, social media content. A unique class of consumers, don’t you think? There is a need to go about marketing on social media organically. Consumers need to feel genuineness. Don’t just stifle them with a picture-perfect ad featuring Kim Kardashian or a model that is just as pretty. 

So the approach should be to create a sense of community. It’s not all about the ads and putting up snaps of your products. Social media is the perfect way to understand your audience and their buying tendencies. 

Don’t play with the feedbacks

Ignorance is quite expensive especially for an up and coming business. You can ignore those emoji flying in your comment section. But when it’s about a customer’s review of your product, address accordingly. 

Practice Social Listening and encourage feedback from your customers. Make your posts polarizing enough to get reactions from your audience. Here is a tip: fuse in trend into your content. Use the soundtrack and filters in vogue. That way your posts will get more engagements and you can thank me later… 

Secondly, these feedbacks constitute the surest way for a brand to improve its marketing strategy. How else would you know that your Instagram Lives need to be edgier? Or that the unfiltered background noise in your contents is a turn off for the lads. 

The feedbacks also serve as reviews. Like it or not, most Gen Z shoppers check out reviews before opting to patronize a brand. This puts the necessity to always provide quality products and services. If what you are selling is of top-notch quality, the reviews will be positive and beneficial. 

On second thought, there would always be some negative reviews anyways. Even the Yeezys and Chanels of this world still have some of those. 

Run with partners and run far 

In the case of a startup business, your customer base might also not be at the optimal level. Oh wait! your number of followers on the Gram is not even up to 500. Not to worry, there is always the option of partnering with influencers. 

There are different grades of influencers with different rates. Yeah, you would have to splash some bucks. Go for the one that you can afford and that can attract prospective customers.

Who to collaborate with 

Imagine there is a YouTube blogger who does videos on how she makes her long and nappy hair grows quickly and nicely. A startup business that is into hair products can partner with such an influencer. Get her to use the product and talk about it. Trust me those ladies who have been stalking her page, will come for your products.

I’m sure there are other personalities to partner with that blend with your niche. 

Away from social media    

I know this is a bit hard for the younglings, considering that you need to check on the latest trend popping on Twitter. You probably need a break at some point. Social media is a good place to catch the Gen Z but retail stores is also a viable option. 

Just remember that the Gen Zs are used to crisp walls on Instagram. 

So Startup businesses should invest significantly in aesthetics. If it’s a fashion store, the mannequins should be riveting. The interior should want to make customers remain in the store.

Put up the latest video of Ariana Grande on display or the latest episode of any musicals. Make sure everyone that enters the store wants to take pictures in it. You might find your store pictures on social media the next minute but it’s alright.

As a Startup business, utilizing trends on social media can be a game-changer. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter use hashtags. Find hashtags relevant to your brand and create content around them. Hashtags are the easiest way to go viral on social media. 

More so, a brand can create its hashtag and get the users to fuel it with content. Most times, there needs to be an incentive like a discount or prize. You can get your audience to create content around the hashtag and then share it. 

Most of these contests provide the winning condition as the post or content with the highest likes. 

This is one way to put your customers in the spotlight. Well, everyone does like the spotlight. 

Develop a slick personality 

One common element in almost all successful brands is a relevant personality. Some brands infuse humour, fantasy and many other elements. Brands like Heineken use a unique form of humour to catch customers. From their ads to their posters, the aforementioned is evident. Having a unique identity in the social media space is a key feature. 

Be consistent all the way

users are likely not going to patronize your product at first sight. Hence, there is a need to put your brand in the face of the Gen Z. Majority of these social media users have a short attention span. So after posting an image on Instagram, remind them with product snaps or a great TikTok clip. 

What Startup Businesses shouldn’t do 

1. Creating general content for all your social media platforms:

Most brands have a knack for linking all their social media accounts. So what they post on Facebook appears identical on Instagram, Twitter and in other social media outfits. 

What flies on Instagram Posts might not fly on Reels. 

2. Buying reviews and followers:

An underlying factor that successful social media marketing depends on is organic engagement. Those paid reviews might make your product look top of the shelf. But what happens when users get to try out your products and realize it’s below standard. The effect of paid reviews would only be helpful for a short time. 

Also, buying followers is a very bad idea. Most of the paid followers are bots who cannot effectively interact with your content. 


As a startup business, every approach and strategy should have a long term objective. Your online presence and personality should be one that would remain relevant for a long time. Remember that Gen Z makes up the majority of the social media space. Brands have to leverage their traits and characteristics for excellent marketing.   


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