Cheatsheet on Stock Markets – Watch before you start!

One of our favourite youtube channels about money markets – Marketfeed by Sharique Samsudheen has put out this guide to ease all our confusion about where to start in the stock markets.

Just remember to follow these golden rules:

  1. Keep small losses, don’t let them run into big losses.
  2. Learn about money management before you start (yes I’ve blown my account thrice)
  3. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Galaxy & Elon Musk Says – DON’T PANIC.
  4. Experiment with a small amount, and be consistent. Don’t go overboard for first 4 months.
  5. Keep writing the stuff you see and do (We suck at it, but many say its the most imp thing to do)
  6. Test something new always, but test with small monies.
Write this down or take a print. Stick it on your wall if you need to. Img Credits: Marketfeed Youtube Channel.

Now watch this amazing video.


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