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“Networking is overrated. Become first and foremost a person of value and the network will be available whenever you need it.” – @naval

Wait ! But how do we, the persons in the process of ‘becoming of value’ get noticed. (also : but isn’t value is ascribed, by ‘others’)

Networking like a cheat code : Networking is often overlooked, but it’s an essential cheat code to get ahead.

Okay … let me rephrase that, Networking is essential to stay relevant. There are professional costs to every week of NOT networking. 

A (insert big five consulting group) study revealed – one in four people, cannot get any networking done. It costs them professionally. This is not just on Linked In. 

The same study revealed that one in 4 people, among their peer group and similar skill sets excel disproportionately because they, socially connect, and aggressively reach out and make possible business and unlock additional value, with the same limited mindset. 

We are a human network, and we need pings, and beacons to draw attention to the possibility of unlocking value for someone else, while unlocking our own opportunities and growth. Capitalism 101. 


What is the procedure to ‘network ?’ 

Either be interesting 

Or Be interested. 

End with your name. 

Here is a great 12 min of a video about Networking for Introverts

Here is a great 12 min of a video about Networking for Introverts

Rick explains that every person knows someone that someone else should know. That introverts can be comfortable with being uncomfortable by “collecting dots” and connecting dots only that willing individuals can see. If we are intentional on our own terms we can build community by making common sense, common.

HOG – Harley Owners Groups are less about Motorcycles, and more about like minded people

I worked on a brand event with Harley Davidson about 5-6 yrs ago. 

The sales guy at the ‘Bandra Seven Islands’ dealership was candid enough to share a simple cheat that immediately got him, to get prospects to sign purchase intent docs, with 15% advances in record time.

All he would say, his pitch was “We’d love to see you on Sunday for our morning ride, one of our enthusiasts is XXYY an advertising industry big wig, and would love to connect with your business”. 

This was altered to , One of our enthusiasts is a film maker / actor / investment banker / CTO etc. He did not need to be totally honest. He just made the sale. 

Special Interest Groups are amazing, you don’t need to be too aggressive, and you’ll build a human connection before a professional one. 

I met a writer who stalked a media mogul’s wife, joined her gym, became her social buddy and pitched a script to her husband over an Eid Dinner. The film didn’t get made, but what a networking door opener. Mumbai is full of such stories. 


Soho house, that business model is based on referrals and big money because they know their clientele is worth it. You may not get in, just as yet – but read between the lines. Go out, network, and unlock lateral opportunities. 

Do the basics – Industry Conventions – Go to ComicCon, Go to Hackathons – Make it part of your week. Meet new people and upfront introduce your talent. Most of us aren’t *(work on it) that interesting, but we can all, certainly be interested. Listen, Learn, Enquire – like it’s a job.  

Networking is who you know, Influence is who knows you

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Additionally – while you work on becoming more interesting – How ? 

Participate in special interest groups 

  • Cycling Clubs 
  • Marathons
  • Baking Hobby Groups 
  • Parents Groups 
  • Sports Fan-Clubs 
  • Discord Servers
  • Metal Gigs (If that’s your thing, or Prateek Kuhaad Concerts)  
  • Quora 
  • Twitter 
  • Twitter SPACES 

Do it, like your job depends on it. Thank me later 

Networking as Marketing 101 : If you run a small business, and speak to someone who does… a large percentage of clients come through referrals. Word of mouth is one of, if not the strongest form of effective Marketing. 

One must add this to your business building strategy. While it may seem like a waste of time, cause you’d rather be selling to customers direct, lateral (sideways) referrals and ideas will come from unsuspecting sources.

Here are a few things that could help you with your own networking process :  

  1. Go to business networking events
  2. Follow up on conversations
  3. Choose a goal from possible new conversations 
  4. Enquire about working life of Social connections… it might trigger an opportunity
  5. Have an elevator pitch (Google it), rehearsed and ready.
  6. Have a cheat sheet of your unique ice breakers (music, sport, politics, movies…)
  7. Bring a buddy (Coworkers who are in sync with the networking objective)
  8. Overcome your introversion
  9. Try and understand what the other can gain from you, don’t be selfish.
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you are looking for, it becomes a common solution to a problem you both are now working on. 
  11. End with your name. 

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