Crush it at work, Be clear, precise and present. How?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Pretty sure almost everyone has heard this proverb at least once, after all, it’s a sweet retreat from those intimidating proverbs and quotes saying how you should be still working while everybody’s asleep or maybe monetize every freakin ‘hobby that you can think of! 

While hustling is important, it shouldn’t be your sole priority in life. Remember, you come first before all the worldly nuisance. No matter how much others keep pressing on you that working relentlessly day and night is the only way to succeed, the whole truth is that it’s a recipe for burnouts and health hazards.

The following activities will help you level up yourself and your career so that you’re ready to shine in your prime and cope with the lows!

Yoga To Stretch Your Mind And Body

Top of the line activity that brings about a mammoth change in your lifestyle and awareness, Yoga!

It’s a swiss army knife, with a whole lot of poses and asanas to try, you can sculpt your mind and body both to be calmer, clearer and more cunning every day.

Yoga makes you a kickass sage who knocks out anxiety, stress and those Monday blues with water like fluid body and mind.

Wanna start? 

Here’s a video to get you going : 30 Min Daily Yoga Routine for Beginners (Follow Along)

Prefer apps instead? Got you covered!

The Best Yoga Apps of 2020

Exercise To Exorcise Weakness

Exercising is a non-negotiable if you wanna live a fit and active life. The End.

Oh okay, you need more convincing? 

Cardio and exercising go with and beyond physical fitness, they shape you to be resilient, determined and teach you discipline. They make you sharper, both in appearance and existence. 

Physical fitness equals incredible confidence, mental clarity and laser-sharp focus. All the traits that take you several steps above in whatever work you do.

When your body is trained for strength, endurance and stamina, you can crush anything that comes in your path; Goals. Obstacles. ANYTHING! 

You turn into Steve Rogers aka Captain America. No kidding.

Pumped up and wanna start already? Let’s go!

20 Min Full Body Workout For Beginners (Follow Along) | Men & Women

Wanna gamify your fitness journey? Have a look!

The Best Social Fitness Apps to Work Out With Friends

Awaken With Meditation!

Don’t get it wrong, meditation isn’t only for stress management. Of course, it does reduce stress, but it does a whole lot more than that. 

Meditation lets you manage your thoughts well. It also boosts cognitive senses, meaning, you use your analytical, logical and comprehension skills better. 

Honestly, meditation has become much more important of practice than ever, with mindless scrolling and the whole world’s information and opinions constantly being thrown at you, you’re bound to be confused, overwhelmed and cluttered in your mind. Meditation provides you with the ability to shut down the noise and see what really matters.

If you’re gonna start meditating, start slow. It’s not about controlling your thoughts, it’s about being aware of them and still being able to focus.

Start with this video : 10-Minute Meditation For Beginners

Or try apps:

Socialize To Maximize Your Network

Networking takes you to places where just talent and hard work can’t. We are social beings and we thrive off of communication, so it makes sense that being socially connected in communities benefits us.

How does socialising help your career? Well, the more genuine connections you have, the more chances of you getting referred and recommended to, more genuine promotion of your work, more people vouching for you, simple correlation.

So, go break the ice with people you professionally and personally admire on social media, physically meet others from different walks of life, start more conversations, engage actively, be a good listener and see how your social circle lightens up!

Not sure where to start? There are a ton of YouTube videos to help you, just like this one :A Mentalist Guide to Social Interaction | Tom Indigo | TEDxBismarck

Read To Breed Intelligence

No matter how generic and typical this may seem, reading is one of the best habits you can instil in your lifestyle.

Reading helps your brain retain plasticity for a long time. Now, what’s plasticity? Simply, the ability to make new neural networks easily, meaning, the ability to learn quickly. 

It can also get you out of that toxic cycle of mindless scrolling before going to bed, helping you sleep better. And good sleep equals a fresh and active you.

Also, for the record, reading improves your vocabulary, so you understand and express with the right words with the right meaning.

Now, starting to read is the hardest part and that’s why many people don’t read in the first place. So, instead of going with what others recommend, choose something to read from the genres that YOU like!

Goodreads is a beautiful place to discover the books you’d like:

Counseling To Conquer

Counseling helps you with self-discovery. Meaning, you can find parts of yourself that were hiding in plain sight. It provides for a chance of improved self-awareness and insight. 

Counseling can also help you identify and remove self-harming/self-deprecating habits so that you’re only fighting with your goals and not yourself.

Better self-awareness – Better control over emotions and expressions.

Better control – Better personality.

Better personality – Better network and teamwork.

Better self-understanding – Better decisions and clarity in ideas.

It all sums up!

Under The Umbrellas Of Mental And Physical Health

Mental health is one of the most shunned away topics in a typical household, almost as if it is taboo. Common things attached to it like emotional expressions, depression, coping mechanisms, etc., are left out in discussions regularly. This can eventually lead to bottling up of those feelings, only to burst out someday.

That’s why you need to pay attention to your mental health. Notice your thoughts, be aware of how you feel, talk it out to your close ones, seek help if needed, do things that make you genuinely happy, cut out toxic social media and real-life experiences, but never deny yourself the possibilities of existing peacefully with yourself.

The combined impact of mental and physical health on your career is absolute. What use is a great set of skills if your mind doesn’t allow you to focus on them and your body doesn’t allow you to practice them? Good mental health will make you eligible for long term peak performance and good physical health will help you deliver that! 


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