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Raging Lamborghinis, Agra Touts and Investing for Better Skin with Sebi Certified : Swapneel Mantri

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We met Swapneel Mantri (A trained global certified Financial Investment pro), on the Internet. WSHdom is a blog that is talking to younger audiences and trying to stay away from the expected jargon filled opinions.

I’m paraphrasing but he says : 

See its very simple, suppose I want to go to New York City or say Italy
I can google and research as much as I want, but someone who knows me, and what I’d enjoy – would give me the best advise. I want full paisa vasool of this once in a 3 year holiday.

We Cover

  • Leverage – Don’t Wipe-out, Stay in the game
  • Sip the Dips, be regular
  • Maintain two trading wallets
  • Building a Corpus – Alt sources of Income
  • Gold
  • Better Skin … WTF ?

Alone I cannot find good tourist places

Wait, but isn’t ‘Rome is full of robbers’?

Especially when it comes to finance at-least from beginners point of view, 

We need to put the sense of being a little careful, without becoming paranoid. 

Pro tip – Don’t look like you are lost, when at a tourist place in Rome or Agra !

So, we parted ways on the polite call – and Swapneel sent in his first draft for WSHdom, on What’s App. 

“Risk hai toh Ishq hai” has been the mantra of new generation of investors who have embarked on the investment journey through today’s new age apps. The broader market indices Sensex and Nifty are up more than 100% since they hit the apocalyptic bottom during the hellish days of Mar2020 – when the pandemic started its onslaught on world economy. 

However, even though the equity trading and the glam that comes along with it make it looks easy it can turn into nightmare if one overlooks the basic investment principles. We at wshdom would like to bring few investment hacks that can help you manoeuvrer the investment landmines.

1. Leverage – Don’t Wipe-out, Stay in the game

Leverage is a Lamborghini with poor brakes. You, have just learned to drive. Don’t Autobhan (No speed limit- Expressway) this with your life-savings. Wipeout is Real.

One of the first things that a newbie or beginner do when it comes to market is shun the leverage like plague. Leverage is double edged sword that take your account higher or decimate it. Equity investments is not a get rich quick scheme. Here its best suited to follow nature’s path of slow progress and patience. 

Your time in market is more important than timing the market. Stay in the game. 

2. Sip the Dips, be regular

This is your side hustle. You maybe trying to get dates with your metabolism peaking, while also working your ass off, to get ahead in your job. 

You are not a day trader (yet, maybe?). You mind-space is limited. 

Get in habit of investment at regular intervals. That way you will be able to make the most of the market movements. SIP in Index ETF is the best.

If you have a little more time to watch the movement of the market, One of our clients sets a reminder to make a single small regular investment every-month, but only when the market dips 1 or 2% …. that’s his hack. Over years he has 10% at avg, more than he would, if he was set on the 5th of every month.

3. Operate two bank accounts for trading.

Call them Rakesh and Mukesh 

(ha ha … it can be Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham if you like) 

Rakesh is your trading wallet – what you track every week. 

Mukesh is your Godrej Steel Cupboard, you look at once in two maybe three months. 

You need to add from Rakesh to Mukesh three times a year if you are lucky. 

Your tips, risk, hunches are operated in the Rakesh Wallet. 

Your Gold, Index ETF’s, Blue Chips (look for dividend) are in Mukesh.  

This one can do by going for investments in bluechips dividend yielding scrips. Investing in quality large cap companies will help in capital protection and dividends will help in growing your capital along with price appreciation.

4. Focus on building corpus

While trading could be your side hustle, Look for Passive Incomes, Time Investments in second incomes – These are all possible today.

You are young, you have buckets of energy. You are hyper connected, you are probably working from home. Build a community, have an audience, create content, write a blog. If you build something in this time and with your hyper connected audience, you will have more corpus to invest. Nothing teaches you like actual experience. That is an investment in itself. Be smart, build positive habits, don’t wipe out. 

5. Gold

Have you heard the word hedge. It means Cushion.

Gold can be a good addition to your overall portfolio (Mukesh wallet must have Gold) and can give stability during volatile times in equity markets. Investing small amount regularly augurs well for the overall good health of the portfolio.

In addition to above, one of the most important thing that one can do is go for professional advice. Seeking the right guide is part of your journey. Talk to at-least 10 advisors before you settle on one. You need to get a vibe. Think of the advisor, like a coach who will keep you motivated and injury free in the gym for the next 3 years.  

There are plenty of examples of investors avoiding this path only to reach dead-end in their portfolios. Seeking professional advice will not only help you avoid the investment pitfalls but will also help you to consider risk, and how to cushion against that. 

That, dear reader, will give you….. sound sleep and of-course, better skin. This means winning at Darwin’s human evolution. 


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