$100 per month on a Side Hustle is worth at least 5X, in personal growth



“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Most of us have the desire to grow but we get confused while choosing the path. Many of us don’t even start our journey because of that. Starting out with a side hustle feels the same. An ocean of ideas to choose from and the uncertainty if it would work out or not. Totally a roadblock!

But understand this, your side hustle doesn’t have to be a full blown business that failing at it would cost you insanely. It’s meant to be on the side, along with whatever your main focus is. 

Just pick a skill you know or learn one that you’re interested in and begin! 

Passion with Profit or Distraction with Benefits; choose your liking. 

Side hustles are not just extra sources of income. They can be your escape from professional monotony and get you involved in doing something that you actually love, or maybe stay as distractions from a boring daily routine, with benefits.

One of the best parts about side hustles is that you commit to them as much as you want to, not because of a curriculum or assignment. You’re allowed to be free and experimental with your work. 

This sense of freedom with work can do wonders for your work ethic and help you learn skills faster while you’re at it. Hence, a side hustle makes you its architect, as well as the builder, meaning, you’re the boss!

A side hustle is extra money and so much more.

The monetary aspect is only the tip of the iceberg, working on something to monetize and do business makes you wear a lot of hats, and you learn something from every role.

  • You need to find people who are willing to pay for it. To do so, you first have to build a network of connections that bring you potential clients. This requires a lot of socializing, pitching, and bonding and doesn’t come easy, but once learned, makes you a charismatic individual.
  • Strategizing and management become a piece of cake for you when you develop a side hustle since you’ve to work with deadlines and targets to fulfil expectations, while also going along with your career or studies.
  • Options. With each side hustle you venture into, you learn a unique skill and you get to test out the experience. Is it tiring, is it too boring, is it interesting, is it something you’ll want to work on for a major part of your life – you get the point. 
  • Also, career trends are evolving to combine skill sets from different domains to target specific responsibilities, same as the seven colours combine to give white light. 

Think about it, you’re experienced with UI design, you’re well versed with web development and you know marketing and copywriting, you alone could give a website agency a run for their money!

Side Hustle ideas to get you started with.

Glance around a list of 35 ideas below, research what interests you and start hustling!

  1. Tutoring – Teach people online or offline.
  1. Photography – Capture others and their special moments.
  1. Video Editing – Sick at making videos look cool? Now get paid for it.
  1. Podcasting – All you need is a zeal to talk and research.
  1. Blogging – Express your thoughts and interests through words that keep people hooked.
  1. Vlogging – Document yourself and your experiences.
  1. Consultation – Advise and guide others on things you’re a pro at.
  1. Personal Training – Put your fitness enthusiasm to use and help people achieve their body goals.
  1. Commissioned Art – Make customized sketches and paintings for clients.
  1. NFT Art – Create art, list it on platforms like OpenSea, earn in crypto.
  1. Edit and Proofread – Great at grammar and refining written pieces? Now do it for others and charge!
  1. E-books – Publishing has never been easier, run your imagination and earn from it.
  1. YouTube Videos – Make kickass videos, build an audience and you’re good to go!
  1. Social Media Management – Keep accounts of personalities and products interesting and get paid.
  1. Software Development –  Build websites and apps for clients and businesses.
  1. UI/UX Designing – Design interfaces and experiences for software.
  1. Graphic Designing – Create visuals for artworks, posts and promotions.
  1. Copywriting – Write punchlines for brand content.
  1. Modelling – Sell your charisma and confidence.
  1. Translator – Morph pre-written texts into new lingos.
  1. Bug Bounty – Discover flaws in software and expose vulnerabilities to get rewarded.
  1. Financial Advisor – Pursuing a finance degree? Use your knowledge to advise people on their investments.
  1. Affiliate Marketing – Share product links on social media and earn a part of every sale, all you need is an audience.
  1. Digital Products – Target a user base and sell compilations of tools, templates, sample packs, anything.
  1. Tiffin Service – Love cooking? Feed others, expand your network and earn.
  1. Personal Chef – Cook for a client and earn your dough.
  1. Resume Writing – Write attractive resumes for job seekers.
  1. Social Media Marketing – Stitch digital ads, strategize campaigns for brands that grab attention.
  1. Legal Advising – Sell legal counsel with your law degree knowledge.
  1. Social Media Influencer – Acquire followers and earn through brand deals and promotions.
  1. Online Store – Create products with your taste and directly sell them to buyers or resell your thrift store finds.
  1. Work Part-time – Apply to that opening in your nearby mall and work in your extra time.
  1. DJing – You can get paid if you can get the party grooving.
  1. Complete Surveys – Give feedback and opinions without getting cancelled, also earn.
  1. Print-On-Demand – Create cool outfit designs, custom prints and sell the apparel on-demand.

Side hustles are not just side jobs, they can very well make you more proficient and provide you with new options to live your life, new skills to excel in your career, and a new sense of meaning to be on your grind.


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