🏞 The Metaverse and what it has to offer!

So you had hardly caught up with crypto, NFTs, Web 3.0 and now you hear that the Metaverse is the next big thing. What is this fiasco? How is this relevant to you?

Why is it blowing up so much?

For starters, the metaverse industry is expected to be valued at $800 Billion by the end of 2025 and $2.5 Trillion by the end of 2030! Bonkers, right? 

Then, simply the prospect of a virtual space that combines the characteristics of a physical and digital reality where we exist as avatars is so exciting. Just imagine, it’s like living in an alternate reality!

Also, the opportunities it’s gonna bring to our table are immense. From new experiences to new ways of social interaction to new career possibilities, there is a lot to look forward to.

Although it has caught the heat very recently, big brands are already testing the waters and a few of them are already knee-deep like Meta(Earlier Facebook). 

Mark Zuckerberg literally changed the name of Facebook to focus on pivoting it to a metaverse-oriented company, this shows how mad the times are going to be around the metaverse.

What are the big players doing with the Metaverse?

Let’s start with the biggest fish in the sea, Meta or Facebook as it was known up until very recently. Zuckerberg plans to completely change the game, his vision is to bring the metaverse to life and even build technologies and devices that’ll do so.

“3D spaces in the metaverse will let you socialize, learn, collaborate and play in ways that go beyond what we can imagine.” Mark Zuckerberg

Nike has just done it! It has launched its own virtual world called “Nikeland”. It is built within the Roblox platform. And more so recently, it acquired a virtual shoe company that creates sneakers as NFTs, for the metaverse. So, in the future, not only you, but your avatar will also sport that drip! 

Adidas is catching up too. Recently it changed its Twitter profile picture to a Bored Ape wearing the brand’s tracksuit, and the internet went wild. It partnered with Bored Ape Yacht Club, the creators of arguably the most popular and valued NFT collection out there.

Sony has bet on Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, with $1 Billion to bring their metaverse to life. The co-founder of Epic Games has high hopes, so much so, he thinks it can replace the internet in its entirety. This is how big it has got!

Tinder is also in the race. From exploring its cryptocurrency ambitions to creating a virtual dating world, it is in no mood to leave itself out from the metaverse party. 

Early mover brands into the metaverse

Tencent, under its Tencent Games moniker, is going all-in too. With a vision to give Epic Games and Roblox a run for their money in the metaverse space, Tencent is pretty serious with its gameplan with the metaverse.

What does it mean for us?

Okay, the metaverse is blowing up, major companies are investing and getting involved in it like crazy, but what’s in store for us?

Take a seat, let’s explore.

The possibilities with metaverse:

  • Social Gaming. Fortnite, PUBG, Minecraft, all have pushed forward the concept of social gaming. But gaming in the metaverse will be levels higher in terms of the immersive experience. The world will be expansive. NFT gaming is going to be a thing. Imagine participating in an F1 race with your avatar!
  • Social interaction. Think parties, meetups, meetings, get-togethers in a virtual space that feels almost real! All you have to do is maybe use VR glasses or even just your mobile device to partake and you’re there, experiencing it all and commuting.
  • Digital real estate. Metaverse platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox continue to get bigger and witness over $100 Million in sales of lands in their virtual spaces. Why are people buying digital lands though? To either build something there or sell it once the value rises, exactly similar to real estate in the physical world.

Opportunities in the metaverse for you.

Innovation brings with it new possibilities and those possibilities bring with them new opportunities. Just like after the dawn of the internet, new roles and jobs were created. The dawn of the metaverse will bring with it new careers too. 

Such as :

  • Brokers : Just like the real world, the metaverse will need brokers to promote plots of digital lands to potential buyers. 
  • World Builder : After the digital plots have been bought, the owners will want to build something on them. For example, someone might want to build a resort at their place. This will require a specific set of skills, similar to skills needed for game development.
  • World Designer : Just like architects and interior designers, the metaverse will have its own world designers. They will design and prototype the layouts of what and how things will be built on the digital spaces.
  • Event Host : Imagine that you have bought a piece of digital land and developed a gaming arcade on it. Now, what’s next? Promotion and hosting. Promote your event and host people for games and experiences for crypto money! 
  • NFT Creator :  NFTs have set the internet on fire lately. The metaverse will have a ton of uses for it. Imagine unique avatars, outfits, wearables, sneakers, wall art, and graffiti! NFT creators will be in hot demand that’s for sure.
  • Storytellers : Think of this as the real-world equivalent of being a marketer, only that you promote and strategize products, events, programs, and venues in a virtual space. Being a metaverse storyteller, you’ll find yourself making funnels of immersive quests, off-the-grid advertisements and so much more.
  • Community Manager :  Now, this role doesn’t exist solely in the metaverse itself. Since communities are one of the pivots that Web 3.0, crypto, and NFTs are hinged on, the metaverse will also have a huge number of communities. If a community is focused on a product or offer from a company, it’ll need a community manager to keep the members engaged and growing!

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