Wanna know a scary thing? You are born into an identity – Your parents, name, surname, school, religion. The baggage is right there when you arrive into the world.

Add in the weight of time and expectations and Boom! Your identity is ready. Solidified.

You can’t change the cards you get – But you can change the game. Completely !!

If I ask you who you are, you may say – A student, a businessman, an artist.

These are just a few pages or maybe even chapters of your story but not the entire saga.

There is so much more to you – Only if you are willing to hustle.

Brace yourself, the journey is about to begin.

  1. Collect Inspiration

If you went to a market with a STRONG opinion – “I don’t wanna buy anything. There’ll be nothing here I want to buy. I don’t want to be here”—  Nothing in the market would look appealing.

You won’t look at it, explore with enough curiosity, attention and it’s unlikely you’ll find something interesting.

The same holds true for Inspiration-seeking. If you’re convinced your current identity is all that is YOU, you’ll remain closed to possibilities. Your ego will block the little signs, nudges, pulls that are whispering within you.

If only you let down the guard, believe you are safe and surround yourself with people who have broken through their molds and created a life they love – You’ll be inspired.

If your current circle is happy with their ‘routine’ and don’t seem keen on following their inspiration, maybe it is time to expand and associate yourself with a ‘inspired community’

  1. Be a child

Ok, so you are now inspired to expand your identity. Awesome.

But where do you begin from? Let’s start with your childhood.

Why childhood? Because that is when you are brave enough to follow your heart. As you grow you start listening to the “world”

Take a few days and write down every experience that you have loved doing as a child – Can be helping mom in the kitchen, learning about constellations or cars, making cartoons.

For me – It was reading and observing people. This gave me a  natural understanding of how people, words and the relationship they have.

(There is a reason you’re here and reading this)

The more deeply you’ll understand your favorite childhood experiences, the more you will map out the areas where you can be a Specialist, an Expert.

As Steve Jobs says,  “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

  1. Find your Umbrella

If you have been completely honest with yourself – You’ll now have a few things that you have always loved doing. But they may seem entirely disconnected.

Collect them under the right umbrella – A hobby, side hustle that can connect these experiences.  

Wondering what I’m talking about? Meet my friend, Shivam

Shivam is a doctor but has always been obsessed with sneakers.

He runs a sneaker page on IG, sharing deets on the sneaker culture. Oh—and from there he’s built a buzzing Discord server where he has been able to network and connect with hundreds of other sneaker enthusiasts. With the sole agenda of learning, collaborating.

When you have a community, money follows.

Shivam keeps a tab on when a new sneaker is about to hit the market, buys the popular sizes and then sells it for a profit !!  Interesting, isn’t it.

While there may be some who frown upon this kinda easy or F$$k you money but the truth is – It isn’t just about the money.

It is about creating wealth – of experiences, learnings, confidence and yes money as well.

So I can't call in sick And work my side job - Conspiracy Keanu | Make a  Meme

So, coming back to the point – What might be your Umbrella?

  1. Ready to Rebel

When you start growing, there will be a few pulling you back. They can be your family, your friends or even your own self.  And rightly so, growth comes with failure, success, visibility, and vulnerability.

The comfort zone becomes the “sensible” voice, instructing that you mustn’t do what you  love.

If you let these voices win you’ll enjoy the comfort for a few seconds and well, live a life of labels.

If you dare to rebel and gradually expand your comfort zone, you’ll be sailing in the right direction

  1. Add Flow to your life

When you are trying to box yourself up in an identity – there will always be resistance

And if you’re hustling to find your true self – You’ll eventually find your flow.

Flow is when you’re giving your full attention to an activity. This is when distractions fade away and all that matters is your dedication to your craft.

A state of flow - Austin Kleon
Flow State = Happy State

“The best moments in our lives are not the passive, receptive, relaxing times… the best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile”, says Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Once you get used to the flow – That is when magic happens.

You’ll become a hustler – Someone who is always looking to learn new things, trying 200 ways to do that one thing. Someone who is so in love with the process that results have no choice but to get better.

Inventor Sonam Wangchuk – The inspiration for the movie ‘3 Idiots’ Character, played by Aamir Khan

You don’t need to ditch all that you are currently doing and start from zero. You have to slowly expand your comfort zone, learn new things, enjoy new experiences, live your best possible so that you can live your most authentic life.


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