🥺 Why your earnings are less than your skills?

2022 : The Year to Monetize your Productivity. Still don’t have a side hustle? Get Productive, bro. 

You, like everyone else, are spending more and more time in the hyper connected digital world. The ease, the entertainment, the opportunities have you hooked. 

But what you do on the internet in the present – Creates your future. 

– The author of this post

You can either create side hustles, invite opportunities, earn 10x (Money, value, Wealth) of the time you spend

Or scroll infinitely, consume content that you didn’t want to in the first place and miss out on internet’s true potential (Earning big bucks) 

The difference between the two – Productivity.

“Whatcha saying? Productivity can make me rich?”

Hear me out for a second – Everyone wants to make more money, right? And many of us don’t have the time or energy to look for options beyond doing a full-time job.

If you can create more time in your day, you’ll have the mental energy to learn new skills, sharpen existing ones and gain some sort of payout/profit. 

Hello Side hustles !

Productivity actually means doing more with your time. 

Whether it is setting an intention of finishing two articles before you open Twitter or setting a 25 minute timer while you study tough topics so that it doesn’t seem as daunting. 

That newfound productivity is what will help you grow your income exponentially. 

But but but…..

“Where do I begin from?”

Starting something new always comes with a lot of confusion and mental fog. 

And if you let this confusion overwhelm you- You’ll never be able to take the first step.

How to fix this?

Ask yourself – What do I like doing for fun?

  • Writing – Set up a blog/ a twitter account and start building an audience
  • Creating Graphics – Create a kick portfolio and get hired not just by web2.0 but companies bullish on Meta and web3.0
  • Talking – Start a podcast, do twitter spaces, build your audience, earn through affiliate marketing
  • Singing : Start a YT channel giving tutorials

The truth is : There is no dearth of skills or opportunities. There is a dearth of intention.

“I start and then suddenly I lose interest”

Motivation is like that fleeting butterfly. It comes and goes as it pleases. 

There will be days when you’ll create content enough for the whole week and days when you won’t know what to do. 

How to fix this?

Take a moment to dissect your daily routine and you’ll realize – it’s on auto pilot. Your tasks are running you and not the other way around. 

Enter: Intention aka Purpose

– The author & many others on YouTube

When your actions are driven by intention or a purpose, you don’t rely on motivation. You move towards discipline.  

Don’t confuse your Intention with goals. 

Your goal can be to create a side hustle which generates $3000/month 

But if you have an intention something like : Create wealth and not just income your actions will be dictated by an internal factor and not external validation 

How to Implement your Intention? Come up with a clear plan

This is the *exact* course that I want to learn

This the *time* I will spend on studying

*This* is the cold DM I’ll send when approaching clients 

When you associate a habit/action with an exact time and location, you make it so obvious to your brain that you can’t stop the urge to do the right thing at the right time.

Intention – Goal – Routine – Habit – Results

“But I work 9-5. Where is the time?”

You have the same time as everyone else on this planet – 24 hours. The problem isn’t the time, the issue is what you do with it. 

How to fix this

Ask yourself? Do you have to watch that latest movie on Netflix? Or Will going out with your friends help you create wealth?

If the answer is no – Cancel those plans and spend 1 hour everyday on creating/doing something that you love.

Imagine yourself waking up at the crack of dawn, putting on your favourite song and knocking out 10x your daily routine work. 

You’d feel accomplished, right? And guess what. It’s not limited to waking up early, it is about delaying gratification 

“I feel lost, doing it all alone”  

Michael Jordan said it best when he said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” 

Finding a partner or a team who has the same goal and vision can give your productivity a boost. How?

  • Double the work capacity
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Constant morale booster
  • Better ideas are just a conversation away. 
  • Balance of strengths and weakness
  • Accountability partner

How to fix this :

Finding a community has never been easier – Hop onto twitter, use hashtags/communities where your peers are hanging, use fb groups, or join a discord server. The options are endless. 

And if you’re a sole alpha – Automation can be your buddy. 


“But what will they say?”

There are many limiting beliefs you (like everyone) carries and this is what they sound like – 

“Side hustle is for the millennials. What’ll people think of me? What If I fail?”

The truth is no one cares what you are doing. This is just your brain scared of getting out of its comfy zone, projecting these thoughts onto others.

How to fix this?

+ Start with writing down your fears. When you write them down, you’ll realize most of them stem from lack of knowledge.

And that can be easily tackled by learning more and developing a solid course of action.

Another way of knowing you’ll be ok is by telling yourself you’re not alone. 

Talk to someone who is already doing what you want to. Knowing their journey, learning from their mistakes, seeing  them doing ok – Will help you smash these mental blocks and create your abundant reality.


If you look within, you’ll realize – There aren’t many reasons other than the ones mentioned, that’re holding you back. 

Stop overthinking, over analyzing, take a deep breath and bungee jump your way towards productivity. If you do it right – By the end of it you’ll be a wealthy man. For someone rightly said, time is money. 

If you still don’t believe any of what I just said, here is Ali Abdaal (I hope you believe him) telling you how to create a side hustle – 

Happy creating, Happy learning ✊🏽


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